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New Sigma Mirrorless Lenses To Be Announced in 2015

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New Sigma mirrorless lenses are in development and to be announced in 2015. During an interview with DSLR Magazine, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki has revealed that the company is developing new DN-series lenses aimed at mirrorless cameras.

Kazuto Yamaki says Sigma is is working on a number of new lenses to expand their line of mirrorless (DN) lineup in response to the growing market. This means new Sigma mirrorless lenses are definitely being developed and the line-up will be expanded sometime in 2015.

He also said that Sigma will NOT attend the CES 2015 event in January, so the first big event is the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015 (February 12-15, 2015) to see new Sigma mirrorless lenses.

New Sigma Mirrorless Lenses are in Development


The CEO is also claimed that Sigma might not launch any optics for Sony FE-mount cameras. It is hard to create such lenses due to the mount’s small width.

Unfortunately, the Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki has not given any hints regarding the focal lengths and maximum apertures of the upcoming optics aimed at mirrorless cameras..