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Sony A5100 Review : Sensor Performance and Test Results

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DxOMark published their sensor review and test results for the Sony A5100 mirrorless camera which is currently priced for $548.99 at Amazon.

Sony A5100 sensor test results shows the camera scored a point of 80 and this is a very good score for a 14-bit back-illuminated APS-C sensor. The mirrorless camera is only 2 points behind the A6000 and easily out scores the direct competition cameras like the E-M10 and GM1.

The Sony A5100 features the same 24.3MP sensor with powerful BIONZ X image processor, boasts a fast Hybrid AF with 179 focal plane phase-detection AF points as the A6000, comes with a 3″ LCD that flips up 180 degrees for taking self-portraits.


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From DxOmark conclusion:

In fact it appears to use the same (A6000 sensor) unit with practically identical imaging performance (and identical AF functionality). Naturally some attractive features of the A6000 are missing, notably the EVF, higher continuous frame rate of up to 11fps and wireless flash control, but if those features aren’t high on your wants list then theA5100 looks like a tempting option.

Sony A5100 Mirrorless Camera Price

The a5100 is available in your choice of black or white for $550 body only or $700 with the 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 power zoom lens. See the product links below.

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