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Ricoh G800 Chemical Resistant Compact Camera Announced

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Ricoh has announced a new waterproof, dustproof, impact and chemical resistant G800 compact camera.

The Ricoh G800 is the successor to 2010’s G700 and is a new heavy-duty digital compact camera with a back-illuminated, 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, capable of producing sharp images even in low light.

Ricoh G800 features also include a 28-140mm equivalent lens, a 3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 920K dots, an electronic level gauge, and a wide array of security functions.

The G800 compact camera is set to be available in October 2014, for £599.99 RRP.

Ricoh G800 Chemical Resistant Compact Camera Announced


Ricoh Introduces the RICOH G800

Waterproof, Dustproof, Impact and Chemical-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Digital Camera Back-Illuminated, 16-Million Pixel CMOS produces sharp images even in low light

The new RICOH G800 is the successor to the acclaimed G700 (released in September 2010). Featuring a back-illuminated, 16-million pixel CMOS image sensor capable of bright low-light exposures, it can record detailed photographs and Full HD movies even in poorly-lit working environments. Like its predecessor, it can be used at depths of up to 5m (for up to 2 hours) and withstand drops of up to 2m in tests conducted according to American military standards.

The RICOH G800 also features improved password protection. Protection that could formerly be applied to only one function at a time (for example, to restrict access to internal memory) now can be applied to multiple camera functions. Ricoh has added support for separate administrator and user passwords, so that in addition to preventing on-site handling errors and unauthorised viewing of photographs, security settings can be fine-tuned separately for administrators and on-site workers according to how each uses the device. And the RICOH G800 can be used in even more working environments than its predecessor—not only in outdoor situations such as during disaster relief, but on construction sites as well as medical and production facilities that require equipment that can be washed and disinfected. Supplied accessories include a rechargeable battery, battery charger, USB cable, and neck strap.

Main features

Back-illuminated, 16-million pixel CMOS improves image quality

The RICOH G800 features a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor for bright pictures of dim worksites and other poorly-lit scenes. The effective pixel count of 16 million (an increase over the 12.1 million of its predecessor) ensures that details show clearly even after pictures are cropped.

Improved password protection

  • Improvements have been made to the password protection feature that restricts access to camera functions. Users can now password-protect the entire camera or selectively restrict USB access or access to such features as camera menus and internal memory. Access can be granted by scanning a password barcode or entering the password using the camera’s onscreen keyboard.
  • Camera access can be fine-tuned by setting separate administrator and user passwords for each feature. For example, by applying a password to camera menus, the administrator can restrict access to camera settings and prevent unintended changes when the camera is used in the workplace. Users in turn can password-protect the entire camera to prevent unauthorised third-party access.
  • Two types of SD memory cards can be password protected: SDHC and SDXC. Password-protecting memory cards prevents images falling into the wrong hands should the card be lost or stolen.

Rugged enough for the harshest working environments, with water, dust, and impact-resistance and improved chemical resistance

  • Chemical resistance has been improved from earlier models: in addition to ethanol and food-grade sodium hypochlorite, the RICOH G800 can be disinfected with liquid chlorine dioxide, allowing it to be safely used in medical settings and on production lines for such items as foodstuffs, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
  • With Class 8 JIS/IEC water resistance, the RICOH G800 can take photographs for 2 hours at depths of 5 metres. Use it in wet working environments or in the rain—just rinse the dirt off afterwards.
  • Class 6 JIS/IEC dust resistance keeps out the dust and sand. Able to withstand temperatures as low as −10 °C, the RICOH G800 can be used in cold environments.
  • Although light and compact, the RICOH G800 features a tempered front lens element and protection at key points, tough enough to withstand the Pentagon MIL Standard 810F 2.0 metre drop test on all 26 surfaces (6 sides, 8 corners, and 12 edges; note that the drop height with an optional wide conversion lens is 1.5m).
  • The camera passes the drop test even when switched on.

Varied functions for a variety of situations

  • The camera’s high-capacity 8 GB memory lets you keep taking pictures even without a memory card.
  • The large, high-resolution 3.0-inch/920k dot picture display offers both high contrast and a wide viewing angle, making it easy to read outdoors for more reliable framing.
  • The camera supports Full HD (1920 × 1080, 30 fps) movie recording and HDMI® output 1 for higher-quality movies and smoother recording and playback.
  • Use existing pictures as a template when composing new photos. Template transparency can be selected from 20, 40, 60, and 80 percent. One way in which this feature can be used is for before and after shots on construction sites.
  • With a range of 10m (wide angle) to 6.2m (maximum zoom), the built-in flash ensures that you can photograph indoors and in tunnels, corridors, and other dark locations with confidence. And with extreme ISO sensitivities as high as 25600, 2 you can still get the shot even if you can’t use the flash.
  • The camera features an electronic level that can be used to accurately level the camera when photographing or interiors. It also includes a pitch indicator, ensuring precise framing even where footing is poor.
  • An Eye-Fi card with built-in wireless LAN can be used for hassle-free upload to smartphones or other devices. Choose the destination, select pictures, and choose from 2 resize options for upload.
  • The camera offers a CALS mode for instant selection of image formats that conform to the construction CALS electronic submission guidelines for different government bodies.

1. HDMI® cable not included.

2. Manual mode only.

Camera memos greatly reduce your post-shooting workload

  • Camera memos of up to 20 items consisting of up to 8 seconds of audio or descriptions of up to 128 characters each can be created in advance on the camera or a computer and added to pictures as they are taken. Choose from up to 999 different memos or use the camera to view blueprints and other reference images appended to the memos.
  • The camera barcode feature makes it easy to create memos from barcodes.
  • The supplied EX1 software can be used to rename and organise pictures based on camera memo data, greatly reducing your post-shooting workload.  Memos can also be exported in XML format for easy database management.