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Braun Master Action Camera Officially Announced

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Kenro have announced the Braun Master Action Camera. The new Braun Master action camera designed for extreme sport enthusiasts.

Braun Master action camera features a 16-megapixel sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, ultra-wide lens and multiple shooting modes. The action camera records 1080p videos and connects to the included external TFT screen for movie playback.

Suggested retail price for the Braun Master Action Camera is £249.95. See other details below.

Braun Master Action Camera Officially Announced


Capture the action with the new Braun Master Action Camera

Kenro, the official UK and Ireland distributors of Braun Photo Technik have announced the Braun Master Action Camera.

Designed for extreme sport enthusiasts wanting to record adventures, the compact camera can capture videos whilst being strapped to various mounts and withstand depths of up to 100m underwater. It also sports a 16 megapixel still camera with 10x digital zoom and an external special-purpose optional microphone. With WIFI function, remote via your smartphone and up to 64GB memory, it is one of the most impressive sport cams to hit the market.

Braun Master Action Camera Features :

  • 155° wide-angle f/2.8 lens
  • High colour fidelity to improve picture clarity
  • Special-purpose HD lens, supporting 1080P, 1080i, 960P, and 720P HD video recording.
  • 16 megapixel picture in 4608×3456 resolution
  • Wi-Fi function
  • Multiple shooting modes: Single shot; Fast shot (10 photos/1 second); timed
  • Independent voice recording function
  • 180° photo rollover function
  • Connects to an external TFT screen to view the video recording and playback
  • Trackable battery power level and memory card capacity
  • Supports external T-flash (TF) / MicroSD cards for storage, up to 64 GB capacity.
  • All-round highlight status indicator
  • HDMI and AV output interfaces for easy connecting to HD monitor or TV set to view record files.
  • Record video in MOV format to facilitate playback on a PC and uploading to websites
  • Playback, delete, fast forward and rewind on the camera.
  • Built-in microphone with dual-Mic design to achieve stereo and high-quality recording effect
  • Rechargeable built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery
  • Shockproof to withstand mild drop or knock
  • IP68 waterproof housing with two-types of rear cover designs.
  • Automatic standby for power saving and automatic saving of audio and video data.
  • Recharge the battery in USB mode.

Accessories included: TFT display, waterproof housing (with own case), 2 flat stickers, 2 convex stickers, cloth bag, USB cable, waterproof plug and lithium-ion battery.

Optional accessories: Head strap mount and self-timer accessories, various 3m adhesives, strap accessory, surf accessory, sucker accessory for car use, pipe clam fitting with max diameter 32mm and floaty pad for waterproof case.

SRP for the Braun Master Action Camera is £249.95 inc VAT