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Polaroid iE5036W Bridge Camera Announced at CES 2014

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Polaroid has announced several new bridge cameras at the CES 2014 show. There are 5 new models in total vary from 15x optical zoom up to 50x zoom iE5036W superzoom bridge camera.

The Polaroid  iE5036W and iE4038W are the top cameras of the new bridge camera line. Polaroid iE5036W feature 50x optical zoom while iE4038W has 40x optical zoom. Both cameras come with an 18MP image sensor, 3-inch LCD display, and are capable of capturing 1080p Full HD video footage. The Polaroid Ixx353W comes packed with a 20-megapixel image sensor and a 35x optical zoom lens.

Polarodi bridge cameras are scheduled to become available in Spring 2014. All products has good prices starting at $149 and up to the 50x zoom Polaroid iE5036W costs $299.

Polaroid iE5036W Bridge Camera Announced at CES 2014


Polaroid today launched a new line of ultra high optical zoom Wi-Fi enabled bridge cameras at the 2014 International CES.  The built-in Wi-Fi enables instant peer-to-peer sharing of photos and videos—simply connect to your smartphone or tablet and share images and movies from your camera directly with friends, family or social media.

The family of easy-to-use cameras feature the optical zoom capabilities designed to fit any need and budget from a 50X optical zoom (iE5036W), 40X (iE4038W), 35X (Ixx353W) and 30X optical zoom (iE3035W).

Polaroid is the iconic brand that consumers trust to capture and share their precious moments, and with the addition of peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to our new bridge camera line, consumers can now instantly share those moments with all their friends and family,” commented Scott W. Hardy, Polaroid President and CEO. “This is what Polaroid is all about and we are going to continue to bring consumers these easy to use, cool innovations that will make their lives more memorable.”

Produced by Sakar International, an authorized Polaroid licensee, all four models deliver ultra high optical zoom capabilities, quality images, and have the ease and convenience of a smartphone, making it fast and simple for everyone to capture outstanding photos with minimal fuss. The 18 MP resolution and HD video capability are ideal for recording every precious memory as it happens with legendary Polaroid imaging quality.

“These days, capturing the moment is only part of the story—sharing it with friends and family wherever they are is just as important,” said Sakar President Jeff Saka. “With impeccable optics and ultra high optical zoom capabilities, these newPolaroid models allow you to get even closer to the action for instantly sharable shots.”

Each of the new Polaroid cameras feature a large, bright 3″ high-resolution LCD screen to help users set up, preview and review their perfect shot, and built-in image controls allow more advanced users to customize settings to add a creative touch to any photo or high-definition video. A powerful pop-up flash with red-eye reduction provides just the right light for any situation. An SD card slot provides media on-board storage.

The new Wi-Fi instant peer-to-peer sharing cameras are expected to hit store shelves this spring, at an MSRP ranging from $149 for the 30X model to $299 for the 50X.