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Sony A7r and Leica M Image Comparison

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We’ve shared many sample images and Raw file examples for the newly announced Sony A7r full frame mirrorless camera. There is a forum post showing the first image comparison between Sony A7r and Leica M cameras.

On Mclassic forum there are several images shot with both Leica M and Sony A7r cameras and compared side by side with EXIF information. First comparison images between Leica M and Sony A7r can also be seen on a Flickr set.

Sony A7r and Leica M Image Comparison

Sony A7r is very good at the corners and performing good solving details of the picture. From the comparison images we can easily say the A7r is a good performer against Leica M.



Unwire from Hong Kong also posted several sample images for the Sony A7r full frame mirrorless camera.

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Sony A7 and A7r Price and Availability

Sony A7 full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera body only price is $1,698.00. Sony Alpha A7 Mirrorless Digital Camera with FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens price is $1,998.

Sony A7r full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera body only price is $2,298.00The Sony A7r is compatible with E-mount Lenses. Below you can find the new Sony camera and lens prices with the availability in popular camera stores.

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