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Panasonic Announced a New 16.4MP CMOS Sensor for FourThirds Cameras

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Panasonic has announced a new 16.4MP CMOS image sensor (MN34230PL) for FourThirds cameras. Panasonic Japan released a pdf file describing the features of a new 4K Four Thirds sensor. The new 16,4 Megapixel sensor is supporting 4K2K HD movie.

Panasonic claims that this will be the lowest noise sensor on the market. The new 16.4MP CMOS sensor could probably be for the Panasonic’s new GH4 micro four thirds camera which will come packed with 4Kvideo recording capabilities.

The GH4 mft camera will be a high-end model and to be announced in Spring 2014. See more specifications here.

Panasonic Announced a New 16.4MP CMOS Sensor for FourThirds Cameras


Panasonic 16.4MP CMOS Sensor Key features

  • New “On Chip Filter” for improved sensitivity
  • Delivering high resolution still images
  • Stunning pictures in low light and high bright conditions, Supporting 4K2K HD movie
  • Lowest noise sensor in the market
  • Advanced LGA packaging technology for reliability

Panasonic 16.4MP CMOS Sensor Specifications



Scan mode

Progressive scan

Optical size

4/3 type (inch), Aspect ratio = 4:3

Number of active pixels

4656 (H) x 3518 (V) = 16,379,808 (pixel)

Number of effective pixels

4644 (H) x 3506 (V) = 16,281,864 (pixel)

Total number of pixels

4732 (H) x 3560 (V) = 16,845,920 (pixel)

Pixel size

3.8 (H) um x 3.8 (V) um

Actual imaging area dimensions (active pixel area)

17.6472 (H) mm x 13.3228 (V) mm

Color filter arrangement

R,G,B Bayer Pattern

Package, Pin number

LGA 198pin Ceramic Package ( 21.90mm x 27.00mm x 2.68mm )

Power supply voltage

3.3V / 1.8V / 1.2V

Master clock

TYP 54MHz JItter400ps

Bit number of internal ADC


Output signal type

subLVDS DDR method 594 Mbps

Register I/F

4Line Serial I/F

Output frame rate per second

subLVDS 1ch8port 10bit format : 22.5 fps subLVDS 1ch8port 12bit format : 14.7 fps

Electronic shutter (Full scan)

Full scan 10bit mode (22.5 fps)
1 / 22.5 s  1 / 81300 s (1/81300 s step)

Variable gain

Analog gain -9dB  +30dB 0.09375dB/step Digital gain -18dB  +18dB 0.09375dB/step


Full scan mode (No mixture, No decimation)

Monitor (Live View) mode : 120fps

HD movie mode
1080/60p (4pixel mixture)

720/60p (9pixel mixture)

High speed mode 240fps / 481fps

Full scan, Any size cropping

4k2k movie mode (30fps)

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