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Nikon DF More Specs Leaked

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Nikon Df more spec leaked ahead of the announcement. Digicame-info posted more specs for the upcoming Nikon Df retro full frame compact camera.

Official announcement for the Nikon Df full frame retro-styled camera expected to be on November 5th. Nikon also released 6 promo video teasers for the Nikon Df camera. For shutter sound and how the new Nikon DF camera look like, you may want to watch all 6 promo videos.

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Nikon DF More Specs Leaked

  • Df will have the same basic control buttons as the D610.
  • Df will use Nikon D4 sensor
  • When using with a non-Ai lens, lens information can be selected from the menu on the manual setting.
  • Interlock lever formula flip-up.
  • It is equipped with a synchro terminal.
  • Df continuous shooting speed is 5.5 FPS
  • Df will use the same battery as Nikon D5300.
  • Set the aperture value of the (added) non-Ai lens use, use it in conjunction with the actual aperture value of the lens-side sub-command dial side of the body.
  • Shutter speed is configurable in the main command dial, can be set in 1/3 steps.

Nikon call this camera as a “hybrid” camera. Hybrid shutter is combining electrical and mechanical technologies. Nikon DF will also feature a hybrid electronic-optical viewfinder, just like the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X100S.

The Nikon Df will fully support non-AI lenses. The AI coupling lever can be moved up in order to mount non-AI lenses – just like the Nikon FM, FE, EL2, F3, F4 and Nikkormat FT3 cameras. See full leaked specs.