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Pentax K-3 Features Leaked Officially at RICOH Imaging Website

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Pentax K-3 features and specs list surfaced over RICOH Imaging website. According to leaked features of Pentax K-3, we are now 100% sure that the K-3 DSLR camera will be using newly developed 24MP sensor, Optional Low-pass filter and advance 27 Point AF system.

Pentax K-3 is the next DSLR camera with APS-C sensor from Pentax. The new K-3 camera will be powered by a Prime III processing engine and features a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. Pentax K-3 announcement expected to be on October 8.

Pentax K-3 DSLR camera body only price will be around $1,300, and the Pentax K-3 with DA 18-135mm lens kit price will be around $1,650. Below are the K-3 camera specifications and features ahead of the announcement.

Pentax K-3 Features Leaked Officially at RICOH Imaging Website


Pentax K-3 Specification

  • 24 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 8.3 frames / sec Continuous shooting (22 shots at RAW, up to 60 sheets JPEG)
  • Can be selected ON / OFF of the low-pass filter
  • H.264 video professional
  • SAFOX11 AF module, 27-point AF sensor (25 point cross),-3EV ~ +18 EV
  • RGB metering sensor. 86000 pixels
  • Dual SD card slot
  • 100% viewfinder field of view, magnification of 0.95 times
  • Dust drip which gave the body of magnesium alloy and stainless steel, the ceiling of 92 points

Pentax K-3 Features 

  • 24 effective mega-pixels in an APS-C sized CMOS sensor

    Designed for the demanding photographer, the K-3 features 24 effective megapixels in an APS-C sized CMOS sensor for outstanding high resolution imagery.  By coupling this sensor with a newly developed PRIME III imaging engine with high-efficiency noise and image processing capacities and an anti-aliasing filter-less design, the K-3 delivers high-resolution, fine-gradation images.

  • Selectable Anti-Aliasing Filter

    Enjoy the world’s first selectable anti-aliasing filter, giving the user the ability to easily toggle anti-aliasing functionality on or off, for supreme resolution and zero limitations. This breakthrough technology eliminates the need to commit to either supreme resolution or superior moiré control, by providing both options in a single camera body.  Newly developed for the K-3, the anti-aliasing simulator* applies microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the subpixel level during image exposure, generating the same level of moiré-reduction effect as an optical anti-aliasing filter. * This function is most effective with a shutter speed of 1/1000 second or slower. This function is not available during HDR shooting.

  • Real Time Scene Analysis with 86,00 pixel sensor

    The new Real Time Scene Analysis System features an 86,000 pixel RGB light-metering sensor and improved algorithms that further enhance accuracy of exposure, white balance and autofocusing.

  • Professional H.264 video

    Enhance your video recording experience with full HD movie capture in the H.264 format (60p/50p/30p/24p), also including the ability to switch from still image to video recording with the flip of a dedicated switch.  Equipped with a headphone terminal and stereo microphone terminal for external microphone connection. The user can also adjust the audio recording level manually and monitor sound levels during recording.

  • Dual SD Card Slots

    Dual SD card slots allow for greater memory card flexibility, for separation of JPG and RAW files, and for use with Eye-fi card and new FLU card technology.

  • Built-in Electronic Level

    Built-in electronic level now features a tilt scale display in Liveview.

  • Multi-pattern white balance

    When shooting scenes that include multiple light sources, such as sunlight and shade or flash, light sources are recognized automatically and the image is separated into different areas. White balance is adjusted separately in each area according to the different light sources to achieve optimal color reproduction.

  • PENTAX PEF and Adobe DNG files

    Native support for both PENTAX PEF and Adobe DNG 14 bit RAW files, including the ability to retrieve RAW data from JPG files if still present in buffer memory.

  • HDR Image Capture

    Improved in-camera HDR image capture features more blending options and better pixel registration for easier operation without a tripod.

  • Magnesium alloy body w stainless steel chassis

    Durable magnesium alloy covers surround a rugged stainless steel chassis.

  • Fastest continuous shooting at 8.3FPS

    Never miss a single moment with an incredibly fast frame rate of 8.3 FPS, for extreme action capture and demanding high performance shooting. With a maximum 1/8000 second shutter speed, freeze even the fastest action without subject movement blur–rated for 200,000 cycles.  The K-3 continuously records as many as 22 images in the RAW format or 60 images in the JPEG format* in a single sequence. This is made possible through the use of several innovative technologies, including a high-speed, high-accuracy control mechanism that regulates the shutter, mirror and diaphragm independently; a damper mechanism that effectively minimizes mirror shock; and a high-speed data transmission system incorporated in the PRIME III imaging engine. * JPEG Recorded Pixels:L, JPEG Quality:★★★

  • SAFOX11 Autofocus Module

    The newly designed SAFOX11 autofocus module maximizes 27 AF sensors and a vast light sensitivity range of –3EV to +18EV.  The new focus module includes 25 cross sensors and three AF sensors dedicated to low light focusing.

  • Optional FLU, Eye-fi Wireless, and SDX Memory card compatibility

    With installation of the optional, dedicated 16 GB FLU CARD for PENTAX in the K-3, the photographer can remotely change settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO, shift the AF focus point, release the camera shutter, check Liveview image, and browse and download images to mobile devices and PC. Eye-fi Wireless and standard SDX Memory cards also compatible.

  • PENTAX body-based Shake Reduction (SR)

    The PENTAX-original SR stabilization system is built right into the body, and is compatible with any of the 27 million PENTAX lenses ever produced.

  • Pentaprism Optical Viewfinder for 100% FOV and .95 magnification

    Low profile glass pentaprism viewfinder, with interchangeable focusing screens, achieves a 100% optical field of view for framing accuracy in a highly compact form factor. Treated with a new coating, its glass prism improves reflectance resulting in a brighter viewfinder image. Also, its improved design assures 0.95-times viewfinder magnification for a broader image field and enhanced focus and composition confirmation.

  • Fully Weather Sealed

    With 92 special seals, the K-3 boasts a fully weather and cold proof design to resist water, fog, snow, sand, and dust, for top performance in extreme field conditions as well as in the studio.

  • 100-51200 ISO

    High sensitivity 100-51200 ISO range with improved noise performance throughout, including ISO-specific noise reduction.

  • HDMI port

    An HDMI port outputs high definition images, video and sound to HDTVs.

  • Customizable RAW/Fx button

    Customizable RAW/Fx button allows for easy access to common shooting settings.

  • Optional BG-5 Battery Grip

    The BG-5, designed exclusively for the K-3, is the perfect match for this professional level DSLR, and optionally accepts six AA-sized batteries as well as the standard lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It features and extra set of shutter-release, AE-lock, AF, ISO, exposure-compensation and green buttons, as well as a preview lever and a dual electronic dials to facilitate vertical-position shooting. It also features the same dustproof, weather-resistant construction as the K-3 body.

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