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Nikon 1 AW1 Sample Images

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Nikon has announced the new Nikon 1 AW1 mirrorless compact system underwater camera. Nikon 1 AW1 sample images are now available and can be seen below.

First pictures also contain Nikon 1 AW1 sample images taken with the new Nikon 1 Nikkor AW 10mm f/2.8 and 1 Nikkor AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5–5.6 lenses mounted on. The Nikon 1 AW1 is the world’s first rugged, waterproof, dust and shockproofcompact system mirrorless camera with a 14.2-megapixel CX-format CMOS sensor.

Nikon 1 AW1 waterproof mirrorless interchangeable lens camera kit with 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens price is $799.00. Nikon 1 AW1 kit with 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and 10mm f/2.8 lenses pricefor $996.95The new Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera is available to pre-order and starts shipping from October 10, 2013.

Nikon 1 AW1 Sample Images_01

1 NIKKOR AW 10mm f/2.8 lens – 1/800 – f/3.5 – 10mm

Nikon 1 AW1 Sample Images

Here are the first sample from the Nikon 1 AW1 waterproof mirrorless camera. More Nikon 1 AW1 sample images can be seen from here. Click on the Nikon 1 AW1 sample images for full sizes.

Nikon 1 AW1 Sample Images_02

1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 – 1/60 – f/7.1 – 27.5 mm


1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 – 1/1600 – f/5.6 – 20.5 mm

Nikon 1 AW1 Sample Images_04

1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 – 1/400 – f/8 – 27.5 mm

Nikon 1 AW1 features rubber seals at all critical points on the camera as well as an O-ring for the lens mount. The advanced hybrid AF system boasts fast phase-detection AF for high-speed movement, and contrast-detect AF for precision focusing.  Nikon 1 AW1 has also made AW versions of its 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and 10mm f/2.8 lenses that are both shock and waterproof.