Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 To Be Announced on June 20

Samsung is holding a special product launch event on Mid-June. Samsung CEO Shin Jong-Kyun says that the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 to be announced on June 20.

The next generation Samsung Galaxy device will be called Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 and it will run Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will feature a 20.2-megapixel image sensor.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 wll also be a mirrorless camera. But it not yet confirmed that the Galaxy Camera 2 will support interchangeable lenses or NX mount.


Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 To Be Announced on June 20

Some rumors also says that the new Galaxy Camera 2 will include a new quad-core Exynos processor and a 5-inch full HD touchscreen just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. But we have to wait for the specs to be clear.

via KoreaTimes

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