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Ricoh GR Camera Rumored Specs

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Ricoh GR camera is coming soon and it will most likely have a APS-C sensor.  According to the rumors the name of the camera is expected to be “Ricoh GR” without the Digital V added.

It is official now. Here is the new Ricoh GR camera.

So this will be the second APS-C sensored camera in the market after Nikon Coolpix A. Here are Ricoh GR rumored specs before the announcement.

ricoh gr camera

Ricoh GR Camera Rumored Specs

  • 16MP APS-C sensor. (same sensor as Pentax K-5 II)
  • New 28mm f/2.8 GR lens.
  • AF speed is much faster than the COOLPIX A, similiar to the X100S.
  • Same size as GR1, a little larger than GR Digital IV, lighter than COOLPIX A.
  • One Fn button has been added, the operation system is almost the same as the conventional GR Digital operation system. It can do almost the same thing is not possible in the past. Does not seem much the essence of PENTAX, flagship of Ricoh feel like as usual.
  • Ricoh GR expected to be announced in late April, and released in mid or late May.
  • Ricoh GR price will be around $1,000.