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Panasonic LF1 and G6 Coming Next Week

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Panasonic LF1, a new high-end compact camera and also Panasonic G6 is expected to be announced next week. In addition to Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6, a pro-compact camera Panasonic LF1 rumored to have a fixed zoom lens and a built-in viewfinder.

Panasonic LF1 is going to be a completely new model from Panasonic. After the announcement of Panasonic GF6, Panasonic Lumix G6 to be announced next week with the new Panasonic LF1 camera. Also 14-140mm Lumix G vario lens rumored to be renewed in this announcement.

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Panasonic LF1 Rumored Specs

Update : Panasonic LF1 and G6 Rumored Specs

  • high-end compact camera
  • fixed zoom lens
  • built-in viewfinder