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New Canon EOS M Cameras to be Announced Soon

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The Canon EOS M mirrorless camera is not as successful as Canon’s other products like Rebel series, EOS 5D and EOS 6D line of full frame cameras.

Canon is planing to relaunch new Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras to be in competititon with the Sony NEX and M4/3 cameras.


New Canon EOS M Cameras Coming Soon

According to CR, there would be two new Canon EOS M cameras, one is to replace the current EOS M model and the other EOS M camera will be introduced as a high-end product, complete with a viewfinder and new AF system.

There would also be more lenses to be announced soon for the EOS M cameras. These lenses expected to be a few STM lenses, including a fast prime and telephoto glass.

The new EOS M cameras to be announced in several months.