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Canon DLC Tutorial – Time Lapse Photography

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Canon Digital Learning Center has posted a series of four tutorial videos. Explorer of Light, Mr.Vincent Laforet explains the basics of time lapse photography in this beautiful series. Travel with him from the rugged canyons of Utah to the Las Vegas Strip, and learn how to make your own unique time lapse movies.

Topics covered in this series include :

  • Suggested camera equipment and accessories needed to shoot time lapse, including how to use the Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3.
  • How to optimize your EOS camera settings and features for capturing time lapse images.
  • Calculating minimum frames needed and  accurate interval settings to ensure smooth movement for projects of any length.
  • Creative considerations for lensing, movement, and composition.
  • Understanding the benefit of shooting time lapse with RAW files, and processing your images with Digital Photo Professional for dynamic results.
  • How to manage time lapse workflow, and assemble and export your finished time lapse movie with Apple QuickTime Pro.

The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet

You can view the videos by clicking on the Canon DLC Gallery website.

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