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Nauticam NA-GH3 Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH3 [NAB 2013]

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Appeared on Nauticam China, Nauticam is developing an underwater housing solution for Panasonic GH3 mirrorless camera. Nauticam NA-GH3 underwater housing for Panasonic GH3 will be presented in NAB 2013 on April 6th. There is no price or details yet for the product.

 panasonic-GH3-underwater-housing panasonic-GH3-underwater-housing-01 panasonic-GH3-underwater-housing-02

Panasonic GH3 Mirrorless Camera

  • 16 megapixel resolution Digital Live MOS Sensor
  • Drop Frame
  • 6 frames per second
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  • Double OLED Display
  • GH3 Body is weather-sealed to make it dust and splash-proof. Splash/Dustproof Design
  • Full-HD Progressive
  • Smartphone or Tablet Linking

Translated text below from Nauticam China web site

Panasonic “Multimedia” The shooting as one of the main features of this Ministry camera, bring a very powerful video recording function, can record MP4, MOV, AVCHD, AVCHD Progressive format – 72 Mbps (ALL-I) Optional MP4 or MOV / 50 Mbps (IPB) as the recording format, to record cell number 24/30 / 60fps choice. And does not limit the recording time, the style of the state is still not escape limit of less than 30 minutes but in the PAL system. Have the professional STMPE time code, more accurate synchronization of all the movie clips. Part of the camera back to maintain GH2 multi-angle flip screen, OLED touch screen equipped with 3:2 614,000 1,740,000 pixels in 16:9 OLED electronic viewfinder. Join the Wi-Fi function, through dedicated mobile device App remote control shooting function. The the GH3 use of OLED can flip the screen size of 3 inches with a resolution of 610 000 pixels. The built-in EVF resolution of 1.74 million pixels, 100% field of view. Support the electronic shutter peak AF-assist. In addition, the GH3 is also built-in WiFi capabilities, iOS or Android devices can be connected. GH3 volume of 133 × 93 × 82mm, weight 550g, body of magnesium alloy, dust and water droplets. Also compared in control GH3 GH2 improved a lot, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation by the machine back to the top, the shutter near an additional dial button control machine back from dial instead, custom Fn The key to $ 5.

GH3 continuous shooting speed of 6fps, to support 20fps high speed continuous shooting at 400 million pixels. It has the fastest known interchangeable lens camera focusing speed, focus 23. Shooting function, the variety of creative filter machine HDR, multiple exposures, etc. to support.