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DxOMark Gives 84 to : Leica M Rangefinder Camera

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DxOMark published a review for the new Leica M (Typ 240). The overall score for Leica M is 84, a significant improvements over the previous Leica M9 P and Leica M-E, but the full frame cameras from Nikon still show slightly better dynamic range and low light capabilities against Leica M Rangefinder Camera.

Leica M: How does the new 24-megapixel CMOS sensor in Leica’s latest rangefinder perform?

The 18Mp CCD previously used in Leica M rangefinders hasn’t fared well in our tests ranking towards the bottom for full frame sensors. The new 24Mp CMOS model is a big improvement however boasting 6 million more pixels than its predecessor and delivering a 1 Stop improvement in image quality, too. With a +1 Stop improvement for both Color Depth and ISO, as well as an impressive +1.6 Stops better Dynamic Range, it seems switching to a CMOS sensor was certainly a good move for Leica. It’s interesting to note too that no RAW smoothing is applied to files from the new model, as was previously the case from ISO 400 on earlier versions.