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Smart Compact Cameras Olympus VG-180 and VR-370

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In addition to Stylus XZ-10, Olympus has announced two new models in the Stylus Smart range, Olympus VG-180 and VR-370 smart compact cameras.

Super wide meets super slim. Smart VR-370 and VG-180 compacts make every day as it comes

01/30/2013 • – Slender duo show off Olympus compact lens technology – How to carry a powerful, all-in-one camera with the looks to match the pocket you put it in? With the next generation of chic and slim STYLUS Smart cameras designed by Olympus: the VR-370 and VG-180. The stylish new VR-370 looks like the perfect easy-to-use point-and-shoot compact. But a stand-out 12.5x optical zoom lens and super wide-angle capability of 24mm* make it much more than that. With a lens of this magnitude, you can capture much better photos and High Definition movies because you can fit so much more into the frame and get so much closer to whatever you want to shoot.


It’s a wide world, and it’s super

The Smart range of cameras have always turned heads with their slender designs and uncluttered controls. But not everyone knows about their great zooming power – or the versatility of a super wide lens. With a focal length range of 24-300mm*, the VR-370 gives you a huge range of shots without the need to change settings or lenses like on a bigger, much more expensive camera. When you want to shoot a large group of people close-up, the VR-370 simply pans out to 24mm*. Famous monuments, sweeping landscapes, or just a whole room of kids – you can capture them all without having to stand back. It’s a similar story with the 12.5x optical zoom. You end up getting much closer to whatever you’re shooting and that makes for more lively and interesting photos and movies. So the VR-370 is ideal for the sort of spontaneous close-ups most affordable compacts just can’t deliver. With 16 Megapixels, automatic settings, a ton of Magic Filters and Dual Image Stabilisation to cut out blur, it’s the perfect all-rounder.

Two thoughtful touches get a special mention, not least because they’re so typical for the range. The first is Eye-Fi™ compatibility that lets you transfer wirelessly to a PC or the Web via an optional Eye-Fi™ card. The second is an elegant metal ridge on the front of the VR-370. This makes it much easier to take it of your pocket in a hurry – and helps stop you dropping it – because it’s so easy to grip.

Fantastic shots just like that

If you buy a chic-looking, lightweight camera for well under €100, picture quality is usually the first disappointment. In fact, make that quality full stop. The VG-180 is different. It has such a good lens that you can shoot great pictures and videos with sound every time – in 16-Megapixel clarity. You get a high-precision 5x optical zoom for razor-sharp close-ups and a nice wide lens that can zoom out to 26mm* for group shots, buildings and landscapes. Like the VR-370, the VG-180 takes cares of all the settings itself with i-Auto. If you really need to, you can also boost magnification digitally from 5x to 20x. When you’re done shooting photos, it’s a cinch to add special effects using one of nine Magic Filters. The new Miniature filter turns a regular scene into an enchanting miniature world – by enhancing contrast and colour and narrowing the depth of field – at the touch of a button. Like everything else on our Smart cameras, it’s that simple.

Outstanding features:

  • 12.5x super wide optical zoom lens (24-300mm*) for effortless close-ups and wide-angle shots (VG-180: 5x wide optical zoom lens, 26-130mm*)
  • 720 HD Movie with sound for capturing movies in HD quality (VG-180: VGA Movie with sound)
  • 16 Megapixel CCD sensor for high-quality full-size movies, stills and prints
  • Dual Image Stabilisation for reducing blur with fast-moving shots (VG-180: Digital Image Stabilisation)
  • 3” colour LCD (460,000 dots) for easily framing, reviewing and sharing shots (VG-180: 2.7” 230,000 dot colour LCD)
  • 10 Magic Filters for adding creative effects to HD movies and/or stills (VG-180: 9 Magic Filters for stills only)
  • Eye-Fi™ card compatibility for automatic wireless uploading of images to a website or PC

* 35mm camera equivalent