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Olympus Filed a Patent For All in Focus Macro Technology

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Olympus has come for a new patent application for all-in-focus macro technology. The new technology helps users to get more sharp and focused macro images of the subject. All in Focus Macro Technology patent details shown below.


All in Focus Macro Technology Patent Details

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-21407
    • 2013.1.31 Release Date
    • 2011.7.7 filing date
  • All-in-focus macro
    • Synthesizing a plurality of images with different focus positions
    • The change in image magnification is large, the step may occur in the image of the synthesized
  • Olympus patents
    • Ultra-deep mode (all-in-focus macro)
      • While maintaining the image magnification, we change the focus position
      • Obtain an image in focus throughout the image synthesis
    • Example 1: When the user closer to the subject the camera to shoot in a row
    • Example 2: After adjusting the focus position in the AF, adjust the magnification by zooming

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