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Canon EOS 6D Assembled In 40 Minutes

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Exposure Magazine made a visit at the Canon factory in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. They had a chance to observe the highly automatized production process of the Canon EOS 6D.  The visitors were shown the production line of the Canon EOS-6D, the most compact and lightest full-frame camera in the world needs only 40 minutes to assemble. The manufacturing line at the factory consists of 15 tables combining men and machines in the working process.


Mr. Mitsuo Mashiko, General Manager at the Oita facility, greeted all the journalists and accompanied them for lunch and the factory tour. Table #1 in the assembly line is where CMOS sensors are installed. Additional parts and assemblies are put together on other tables. At Table #7, screws are inserted and tightened automatically. The automation of screw installation is an innovation by Oita team members. Workers at Table #9 are assigned to final inspection, to make sure there are no dust and defects on the cameras. Various inspections continue until Table #15, where the EOS-6D cameras are finally packaged and ready for shipment.

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