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Canon updates its Popular Speedlite Transmitter : ST-E3-RT(Ver.2)

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Canon has announced the new Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) which allows for wireless flash synchronisation and multiple control of Speedlites. An update to the previous ST-E3-RT, the second version of the transmitter can provide wireless control from up to 30m away and enables new capabilities when used with older RT Speedlites, such as wireless second-curtain synchronisation.

Building on the design and popularity of its predecessor, the second version of the Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT can help you take full advantage of all the features on flashes such as the Speedlite EL-1, 600EX-RT, and 430EX III-RT. The new ST-E3-RT also supports the Speedlite EL-1’s low-power 1/8192 micro flash and offers a new FE Memory mode for quicker manual flash set up.

The Canon ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) will retail for $299 / £289.99 (approximately AU$390). Pre-order the Canon ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) at B&H (US)

Canon ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) key features and specs

  • Updated to include Wireless Rear Curtain Synchronization, a minimum output range of 1/8192, and FE Memory
  • Up to five groups or 15 individual flashes can be controlled via one transmitter
  • Supports E-TTL II Flash, Manual Flash, Stroboscopic and Auto External Flash Metering
  • Dot Matrix LCD Panel displays all pertinent information simultaneously and backlit control panel means easy operation
  • Eight types of custom functions, three types of personal functions
  • High-performance hot shoe contacts for reliable information transmission and operation

When shooting with a large aperture and/or high ISO speed, the flash level can often overpower the subject and scene. This forces you to change settings or set up, losing the look you going for. When partnered with the Speedlite EL-1, the transmitter’s 1/8192 micro flash adds beautifully subtle nuances of light without disrupting the atmosphere and ambient light reflected on set. This feature is perfect for fashion and portrait photographers looking to capture scenes with a natural atmosphere.

Building on the original transmitter’s flexible qualities, the ST-E3-RT(Ver.2) supports FE Memory – offering a quicker and more convenient manual flash set up. Alleviating the need for multiple test shots, professionals now have the option to perform an initial shot in E-TTL mode, capturing the E-TTL flash settings. You can then switch the Speedlites to manual flash to allow for manual adjustments where needed – all whilst retaining the original E-TTL settings.