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New Firmware for Fujifilm GFX100 Adds 400mp Multi-Shot Mode

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Fujifilm has released a new GFX100 firmware update to add a 400mp multi-shot mode With the new firmware update, the Fujifilm GFX100 can now capture images at up to 400-megapixel resolution.

The camera moves the sensor at a pixel by pixel level to capture full-colour information for each pixel, as well as at a sub-pixel level to capture additional detail. In order to combine the raw images into a high-resolution, 400mp image, you need to use Fujifilm’s Pixel Shift Combiner software.

Firmware version 3.00 for the FUJIFILM GFX100, which adds the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function to the GFX System’s flagship mirrorless camera. This update allows photographers to create images with 400MP of resolution.

Joining the firmware is a new software application, the FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner, which combines the 16 RAW images created by the new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function into a single 400MP image. It also facilitates tethered capture capability when used with the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function. This simple capture-to-edit workflow is a great solution for fine art and still life photographers; the additional resolution creates images with incredibly accurate colour reproduction that are high in detail and rich in tonality.

Photographers can use the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function to faithfully reproduce every detail and achieve superior image quality with 400 megapixels of resolution.

Using state of the art technology to create an image

Utilising the GFX100’s 102MP large-format sensor*, high-precision in-body image stabilisation mechanism (IBIS) and its powerful X Processor 4 image processor, the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function slightly moves the image sensor by 0.5 pixels to incrementally record high-resolution RGB pixel information over the course of creating 16 RAW images. Those images can then be imported into Pixel Shift Combiner, to create a single 400MP image, and outputted as a DNG RAW file for further processing in Capture One*2 or any other compatible editing software.

Preserving detail, one pixel at a time

The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function reproduces fine detail and colour accuracy by shifting the image sensor so that each pixel records image data in red, green and blue. This allows for unparalleled colour reproduction, with next to no false colours occurring, even in the finest of details. This benefit makes it the perfect choice for digital archiving and preserving works of art, cultural assets, and any other applications that require immense colour fidelity and the reproduction of fine details.

A simple workflow for tethered or untethered applications

In addition to combining and outputting DNG RAW Files from images created through the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function, Pixel Shift Combiner also provides photographers with tethered capture functionality to allow for seamless transition from making images to combining, and, subsequently, editing them in Capture One*2 or any other compatible editing software.

For those working in the archival or cultural preservation fields, these new functions are especially valuable to photographers documenting historical artefacts or large works of art, because they can be preserved digitally, at 400MP, with colour reproduction that only Fujifilm can provide. With Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, GFX100 can now be used to precisely record these artefacts so that they may be shared with future generations before they are lost forever.

*1 Large format sensor: an image sensor measuring 55mm diagonally (43.8mm x 32.9mm), with the area approx. 1.7 times that of a full-frame 35mm sensor

*2 Capture One is a registered trademark or trademark of Phase One A/S in the EU and/or other countries.

The firmware version 3:00 and the new Pixel Shift Combiner software will be available to download from the 25th November 2020.  For more information please visit www.fujifilm-x.com

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