Meike 6.5mm f/2 fisheye lens announced for APS-c mirrorless cameras

Meike has announced a new manual focus fisheye lens. Meike 6.5mm f/2 lens designed for APS-c mirrorless cameras.

The optic features supeiror multi-layer nano coating reduce the flares. It offers a minimum focusing distance of 5 centimeter. So the lens enhances close-up shots.

Meike 6.5mm f/2 fisheye lens is compatible with Sony, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji mirrorless mounts. The price tag will stand at $149. Check Amazon US for availability.

Meike 6.5mm f/2 fisheye lens becomes official for APS-c mirrorless cameras

The lens weighs 300g and features 6 elements in 5 groups. Compact size makes it easier to carry. There are 9 aperture blades.

It has two prime lens cap, rear and front protect the lens body from dust and damage. On the other hand it provides ultra-wide 190 degree diagonal field-of-view for APS-C size image formats.

Technical specifications

Product model


Lens type

Manual focusing fisheye lens

Lens structure

5 groups and 6 lenses

Aperture range


Focal range


Lens diameter







nano-technology multi-layer coating

Full-frame Visual angle

diagonal 190°   horizontal 190°   vertical 190°

APS-C Visual angle

diagonal 190°   horizontal 190°   vertical 190°

More Meike 6.5mm f/2 lens information can be found here.

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