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Ricoh GR Sample Images

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Ricoh has announced the new GR aps-c camera. Ricoh GR sample images are also now official. The new Ricoh GR camera features a 28mm (equivalent) f2.8 lens (f3.5 in full frame) and an APS-C sensor with no low pass filter.

ricoh gr sample images

Ricoh GR Sample Images

Image Shutter Speed Aperture ISO Download Now

1/500 second f/2.8 100 (JPG : 3.39 MB)

1/350 second f/4 100 (JPG : 6.18 MB)

2 second f/8 100 (JPG : 6.11 MB)

1/1000 second f/2.8 100 (JPG : 3.68 MB)

1/90 second f/4 100 (JPG : 5.82 MB)

1/320 second f/2.8 100 (JPG : 6.21 MB)

Based on the image quality comparisons, the new Ricoh GR camera seems to have an excellent, sharp 28mm lens. Ricoh GR sample images can be seen here .