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Fujifilm is working a Square Format Instax Camera and Instant Film

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Along with the GFX 50S medium-format digital camera development at the Photokina 2016, Fujifilm has announced that it’s developing a square format instant camera and square format Instax instant film.

The film itself will measure 85.6mm x 72mm, while the image itself will measure a square 62x62mm. That’s the extent of the information released at this point, though Fujifilm has created a teaser page for Instax Square.

Availability for Square Format Instax Camera and Instant Film slated for spring of 2017.

Fujifilm is Developing a Square Format Instax Camera and Instant Film


PHOTOKINA 2016, COLOGNE, GERMANY, September 19, 2016—FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that its next generation format “instax SQUARE format film” and “instax SQUARE camera” are currently under development.

With its 1:1 aspect ratio, square format photography is ideal for both portraits and landscapes, and has long been the format of choice for users enhancing their artistic expression. In recent times, the popularity of square format has increased to such an extent that it has become the de facto standard of smartphone cameras and timeline photos on social media platforms.

Fujifilm believes that the instax square format has the potential to drastically evolve the role and presence of instant photography. By adding this new format to the existing mini and wide, a new dimension will be added to the wealth of possibilities of instax photographic expression, users will have a wider choice, and instax cameras and films will be able to respond to a broader range of photographic subjects and situations than ever before.

In addition to the new square format film, a new camera which is able to fully express the attractions of square format photos is also under development. Further details are available at the below website.

instax SQUARE Special content (http://instax.com/square/)

Spring 2017

“instax SQUARE format film”:
Image size: Height 62mm x Width 62mm
Photo size: Height 85.6mm x Width 72mm
“instax SQUARE format camera”: TBD