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Sony HVL-F43M TTL Shoe Mount Flash Announced Price, Specs

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Sony has announced its new HVL-F43M flash. The new flash is an auto / manual flash unit that offers flexible lighting control which replaces the HVL-F43AM and is compatible with Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe.  This means all modern SLT, NEX, and R-series cameras.

Another new addition is a LED video lamp for brightening up subjects for still and video recording. The HVL-F43M retains the ‘Quick Shift Bounce’ feature of its predecessor, which allows you to rotate the flash 90 degrees for portrait shooting.




Sony HVL-F43M TTL Shoe Mount Flash Price

The new Sony HVL-F43M TTL Shoe Mount Flash price is $398.00. The new Sony HVL-F43M TTL is available to buy from the camera stores below. The Sony HVL-F43M TTL shoe mount flash starts shipping from July 10, 2013.  Where to buy Sony HVL-F43M Compact External Flash for Sony Cameras.

Store Price Buy Now
Adorama.com $398.00 Buy Now
Amazon.com $398.00 Buy Now
B&H Photo Video $398.00 Buy Now

Sony HVL-F43M Flash Features

  • High-power illumination: High-power illumination (guide number: 43)
  • Longer effective range: Longer effective range of over 30 ft. (10.5m)
  • Quick Shift Bouncem: The innovative “Quick Shift Bounce” system allows the HVL-F43M to orbit 90 degrees left and right, allowing you to maintain horizontal light distribution even when shooting vertically. In addition to pivoting side-to-side, the flash unit can also tilt down 8 degrees or back 150 degrees
  • Wireless flash, bounce flash, modeling flash and multi-burst functions
  • Wireless lighting ratio control for smooth, professional effects with up to three flash groups (with DSLR-A900/850/700)
  • Versatile bounce angles: Versatile bounce angles: 90° up, 90° left. This allows the flash head to be rotated while maintaining the set bounce angle, so you can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical format without changing the light angle.
  • Built-In Bounce sheet: The built-in bounce sheet can be used even when shooting in a vertical position without changing the angle of reflected light.
  • Auto white balance: Auto white balance (signals color temp. to camera)
  • Auto zoom: Auto zoom optimized for camera sensor size
  • Dust and Moisture resistant design: Sealing materials are set at joints of outer materials (body, LCD panel, Mounting Foot etc.) and around movement/operating parts thereby increasing the life of your flash unit.
  • Modeling light capability: Modeling light capability allows the HVL-F43M to pulse, helping photographers determine where shadows will fall before taking the picture, so they can alter lighting or subject positioning as necessary.
  • Retractable wide-angle panel: Retractable wide-angle panel (15mm angle)
  • Wireless Ratio Control: Wireless Ratio Control allows customers to wirelessly control up to three groupsof flashes, as well as specify the luminosity ratio for each group, so they can enjoy multiple-flash lighting techniques without the need for special equipment or tedious exposure settings.
  • Simple controls: Simple controls, test button, power saving mode
  • TTL metering: TTL metering capability, high-speed sync
  • Fast recharging: Fast recharging — up to 38% quicker than HVL-F36

Sony HVL-F43M Flash Specifications

Advanced Features Smooth Slow Rec
Color Temperature Approx. 5500K
Flash Modes Automatic Light Control (TTL), Continuous (10 flashes/second, up to 40), pre-flash control, manual contr
Flash Coverage Bounce angles: Upward – 150 degrees; Left – 90 degrees; Right – 90 degrees; Down – 8 degree
Flash Metering System Direct TTL
Guide Number 43
Modes Wireless, Bounce, Modeling, Multi-burst
Number of Flashes Approx. 200 or more (alkaline batteries)
Power Source Four AA-size batteries, Alkaline of Ni-MH
Recycling Time 2.9sec
Power Source 4x AA-size batteries, Alkaline or Ni-MH
Red-Eye Reduction YES
Dimensions 3 x 5.125 x 3.5″ (7.5 x 12.9 x 8.7 cm)
Weight 12 oz (340 g) (without batteries)