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Canon 1D X Mark II Coming with 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range

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Canon is rumored to announce  full-frame DSLR soon as the flagship camera is expected to come with massive dynamic range.

According to latest Canon Rumors, the flagship 1D X Mark II DSLR camera will feature a sensor having 15 stops of dynamic range.

A large dynamic range means the effective pixels of the camera will collect more photons in the shadow areas so it will able to capture shadow and highlight detail at the same time.

Previously it was rumored to have around 14+ stops of dynamic range but now rumor mill claims 15+ stops of dynamic range for the new Canon 1D X Mark II with the new 22-megapixel image sensor.

Canon 1D X Mark II Coming with 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range


It is also confirmed from trusted sources that the Canon 1D X Mark II will come packed with a newly developed 22-megapixel sensor and able to record 4k videos.

The official announcement for the EOS-1D X Mark II is rumored to be announced in February/March timeframe to compete the rival Nikon D5 camera. So CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2016 in late February makes senses. The Shipment will start in April, 2016.

If rumors are true than with megapixel advantage and 4K video recording feature Canon 1D X Mark II will cost $5,999 and it will be cheaper than the Nikon D5 which has a launch price tag of $6,499.95.

See previously rumored features of the Canon 1D X Mark II.

  • Meant to replace both the EOS-1D X and EOS-1D C
  • Max video frame rate: 4K @ 60fps, 120fps @ 1080p
  • Touch panel for AF point selection
  • Much talked about new sensor technology
  • A “learning mode” for AI Servo
  • Completely new autofocus system
  • GPS built-in (no mention of Wifi)
  • New LCD screen type/technology

via: CanonRumors