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Pentax Full Frame DSLR Camera Specs Leaked

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More detailed specifications leaked for the upcoming Pentax full-frame DSLR camera.

A slide showing the specs list of the long-waited Pentax full frame DSLR camera has been leaked by Photo Rumors.

According to the leaked specs of the camera it is going to feature a 36-megapixel full-frame image sensor without lowpass filer. This looks like the same specs as leaked previously back in early 2015.


Pentax Full Frame DSLR Camera Rumored Specifications

  • 36MP full frame sensor without AA filter
  • 5 axis shake reduction
  • 645 lens adapter (Resolution to use the center of 645 lens)
  • Super FF size composit
  • 3 layers composition SR (Super-Resolution) mode
  • Diffraction correction (Correct diffraction phenomenon when focused)
  • x0.78 large finder to leverage resolution performance
  • PRIME IV 14 bit processor based on PRIME M2

According to previous Pentax rumors, the upcoming K-mount Pentax full frame DSLR camera is expected to have a price tag around $2,200 for US. (2000 Euros).