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Sony To Announce A Medium Format Digital Rangefinder Camera in 2015

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Sony is rumored to announce a new Medium Format digital rangefinder camera in the next 12 months. Sony and Zeiss are said to be working together on a medium format camera and Mamiya is also developing a similar camera

According to the rumor mill, Sony and Zeiss will expand their partnership and produce a new Medium Format rangefinder camera. Additionally, Mamiya is also working on a new medium format camera and all of these products are expected to arrive within 12 months.

The first CMOS sensor for medium format shooters has been developed by Sony. The newly announced cameras like PhaseOne IQ250 and Hasselblad H5D-50c are already using the Sony’s 50MP medium format sensor.

Sony / Zeiss and Mamiya Medium Format Cameras Coming in 2015


The rumored Sony medium format camera may look like the Mamiya 7 II.

Sony medium format camera will most likely feature a 50-megapixel CMOS sensor as mentioned above. Zeiss contribution will probably be a fixed 35mm equivalent lens.

Mamiya is also developing a new medium format rangefinder camera. The design of the upcoming MF shooter may look like Mamiya 7II MF camera, sources say. There is no more detailed specs list yet.

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