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Venus Optics unveils Laowa 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D Lens

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Venus Optics announces the Laowa 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D Lens for full frame mirrorless cameras. It features close-to-zero distortion(Zero-D) with 114° angle of view. The screw-in 52mm filter thread and the ultra wide perspective allows photographers to create the inspiring pictures with one-of-kind elements. The compact ultra-wide-angle lens is constructed of 13 elements in 9 groups, including two aspherical elements and three extra-low dispersion elements.

The new Venus Optics Laowa 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D Lens is now in stock at Venus Optics, first 100 pre-orders will get a 100mm Magnetic Filter Holder System (Value: $149) for FREE. The Loawa 14mm F4 ‘Zero-D’ lens is available in Leica M, Leica L, Sony FE, Nikon Z, and Canon RF mounts. Venus Optics lenses are sold at Adorama and B&H.

“Close-to-Zero” Distortion (Zero-D)
14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D composed with 2 aspherical elements and 3 extra-low dispersion elements suppress the distortion to nearly Zero distortion from corner to corner. Also, chromatic aberration is controlled to the minimum.

114° Angle of View
The 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D delivers an extraordinary image sharpness with 114°angle of view. The ultra-wide angle lens allows photographers to have a one-of-a-kind and inspiring pictures in an ultra-wide perspective.

Built-in 52mm Filter Thread
A 52mm filter thread is equipped in the 14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D. Conveniently, photographers can take great landscape and cityscape pictures easily without carrying filter holders. For photographers who opt to use slide-in filters, the specially designed magnetic filter holder allows them to use their 100mm-wide filters with no vignetting.

Extremely Compact and Lightweight
14mm f/4 FF RL Zero-D weighs 228g and the measured dimension is 58x59mm. The tiny lens is perfect for anyone to carry out for photography.

Perfect 10-point Sunstars
The 5-bladed aperture creates perfect 10-point sunstars rendering.

User-friendly Lens Design
The new 14mm f/4 FF RL is carefully crafted to improve your user experience.

100mm Filter Holder
Despite the ultra-wide angle of view, the lens can use a specially designed filter holder that 100mm-wide filters can be used without serious vignetting. It gives photographers an extra option apart from the screw-in filters.