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Nikon D810A Sample Images

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Nikon D810A is the first full-frame astrophotography-specific DSLR camera announced in February, 2015. First Nikon D810A sample images are now available online.

Nikon has posted several sample photographs taken by the new Nikon D810A digital SLR camera. See also a small D810A vs D810 comparison sample image below.

Nikon D810A features a Long Exposure M mode that provides selectable shutter speeds from 4 to 900 sec (15 minutes), before having to use bulb or time mode. A virtual exposure preview in bulb and time settings also lets users essentially see in the dark.


Left : D810A | Right : D810

Nikon D810A Sample Images






More Nikon D810A sample images can be seen at Nikon Imaging website. The price for Nikon D810A is $3,999.95 and it will be released in late May, 2015.