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Leica X Vario Review : Sensor Performance and Test Results

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DxOMark published their test results for the Leica X Vario camera which is currently priced for $2,850.00 at Amazon.

Leica X Vario (Type 107) sensor test results shows the camera scored a point of 78 and achieves 50th place overall in DxOMark sensor rankings. This is a good score for an APS-C size sensor and the camera named as low-light performer.

Leica  X Vario camera features 16.1MP CMOS sensor and includes a 920k dot 3″ LCD, or the same optional plug-in EVF as used by the M Typ 240 and X2.


Leica X Vario Review : Sensor Performance and Test Results


From DxOMark conclusion:

When announced, the Leica- X Vario received, perhaps unjustly, widespread criticism for the Vario Elmar’s ‘slow’ maximum aperture (f6.3) at long end. It’s of course just 1/3 stop ‘slower’ than f5.6, but it does serve as a reminder of the fastidious nature of lens selection. Despite that, the sensor in the Leica X Vario is an excellent performer, especially with regard to its high SNR. However, while the promising camera specification and the low-light performance may placate the critics in some way, at just shy of $3,000, the X Vario isn’t for everyone.

Leica X Vario (Type 107) Camera Price

Leica X Vario Price is the world’s first compact camera with an APS-C sensor and fixed zoom lens priced for $2,850.00. The camera is available for pre-order on camera stores below.

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