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Sony NEX-7 Successor is The A7R Full Frame Camera


As previously rumored Sony NEX-7 successor will not be named as NEX-7R mirrorless camera. The Sony NEX-7 replacement is not real and the successot of the NEX-7 camera will be the upcoming Sony A7R full frame e-mount shooter. Sony will announce two new full frame cameras called A7 and A7r (see here) on October 16. Sony’sContinue Reading

Sony NEX-FF Cameras Will Be Named Sony A7 and A7R


Sony’s full frame NEX, so called NEX-FF models will be named as Sony A7 and Sony A7r. No matter if the upcoming cameras are NEX series or real E-mount DSLR shaped cameras like A3000 or compact ones like RX series. Sony decided to name all high end cameras as “Alpha”.  According to SAR, all high-end models fromContinue Reading

Sony Cheap NEX-FF Has 24MP and High-End NEX-FF Feature 36MP


Sony is expected to announce two NEX cameras with full frame sensors in Mid October. The expensive and high-end version of the full frame NEX camera is previously rumored to be Sony NEX-9 but the name is not clear yet. This camera will become the company’s first E-mount camera with a full frame sensor on it. Sony is also rumored to announce a cheaper version of fullContinue Reading

Sony NEX-9, NEX-7R and A5000 Rumored To Be Announced on October 16


Sony is rumored to announce three new NEX cameras in October. Recent rumors show that full frame NEX-FF camera, the Sony NEX-9, the successor of Sony NEX-7, the NEX-7R and the DSLR like NEX camera with E-mount, the A5000 camera announcement expected to be on October 16. The new Sony cameras “WW328261″ and “WW328262″ are listed on a TaiwanContinue Reading

Sony NEX-7R To Be Announced in October


Sony NEX-7R mirrorless camera to be announced soon in October. According to recent rumors the successor of Sony NEX-7 is going to be the Sony NEX-7R mirrorless camera. The New York photographer Clayton Nelson published several sample images taken with the Sony NEX-7R on Facebook. The sample images are now removed. From Clayton Nelson comments : “IContinue Reading

Sony NEX-7 Replacement Specs Leaked


Sony NEX-7 replacement specs has been leaked on the web. Recent rumors show that the Sony NEX-7 successor coming with a new image sensor and electronic viewfinder. Sony NEX-7 replacement camera will feature a new 24.3-megapixel image sensor with a new 5-axis SteadyShot image stabilization system, that will provide a 4-stop shake reduction, WiFi, electronic viewfinder,Continue Reading