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Sony A77 Successor Camera To Be Announced in Spring 2014


The Sony A77 successor camera is rumored to be announced in Spring 2014. According to trusted sources the new Sony APS-C A-mount camera (name is not clear if it will be A79) will be in stock and available in stores by June, 2014. The new APS-C A-mount camera will be the official replacement for theContinue Reading

Sony A77, A99 and NEX-7 Successor Cameras Coming in 2014


The Japanese Digital Camera Magazine forecast which new Sony cameras will be coming in 2014. According to their conclusion, There may be the A99, A77, and NEX-7 replacements on list of new Sony cameras in 2014. Previously two new Sony SLT A-mount cameras are rumored to be announced in 2014. These new Sony A-mount cameras areContinue Reading

Sony NEX-7 Successor To Be Announced in Early 2014


If you ask for the most rumored camera in 2013, Sony NEX-7 replacement is one of them. Now rumors surfaced again for the new Sony NEX-7 successor camera. According to SAR, along with the new A-mount cameras, the Sony NEX-7 successor is to be announced in early 2014. Previously The Sony NEX-7 successor told to be not named asContinue Reading

Sony NEX-FF Cameras Will Be Named Sony A7 and A7R


Sony’s full frame NEX, so called NEX-FF models will be named as Sony A7 and Sony A7r. No matter if the upcoming cameras are NEX series or real E-mount DSLR shaped cameras like A3000 or compact ones like RX series. Sony decided to name all high end cameras as “Alpha”.  According to SAR, all high-end models fromContinue Reading

Sony Full Frame NEX Camera Will Have Olympus OM-D Like Design


Sony is rumored to announce two new NEX cameras with full frame sensors on October 16. The upcoming Sony NEX-FF cameras will have Olympus OM-D like design. Previously the NEX full frame camera rumored to be very similar and 20% bigger than the NEX-7 design. Now recent rumors say that “Sony has three different prototype designs and insteadContinue Reading

Sony Cheap NEX-FF Has 24MP and High-End NEX-FF Feature 36MP


Sony is expected to announce two NEX cameras with full frame sensors in Mid October. The expensive and high-end version of the full frame NEX camera is previously rumored to be Sony NEX-9 but the name is not clear yet. This camera will become the company’s first E-mount camera with a full frame sensor on it. Sony is also rumored to announce a cheaper version of fullContinue Reading

Sony NEX-9, NEX-7R and A5000 Rumored To Be Announced on October 16


Sony is rumored to announce three new NEX cameras in October. Recent rumors show that full frame NEX-FF camera, the Sony NEX-9, the successor of Sony NEX-7, the NEX-7R and the DSLR like NEX camera with E-mount, the A5000 camera announcement expected to be on October 16. The new Sony cameras “WW328261″ and “WW328262″ are listed on a TaiwanContinue Reading

Sony NEX-7R To Be Announced in October


Sony NEX-7R mirrorless camera to be announced soon in October. According to recent rumors the successor of Sony NEX-7 is going to be the Sony NEX-7R mirrorless camera. The New York photographer Clayton Nelson published several sample images taken with the Sony NEX-7R on Facebook. The sample images are now removed. From Clayton Nelson comments : “IContinue Reading

Sony NEX-7 Replacement Specs Leaked


Sony NEX-7 replacement specs has been leaked on the web. Recent rumors show that the Sony NEX-7 successor coming with a new image sensor and electronic viewfinder. Sony NEX-7 replacement camera will feature a new 24.3-megapixel image sensor with a new 5-axis SteadyShot image stabilization system, that will provide a 4-stop shake reduction, WiFi, electronic viewfinder,Continue Reading

New Sony NEX Cameras Rumored to be Announced Soon


Sony is rumored to be announced four new NEX cameras in near future. New Sony NEX cameras coming soon this Fall and after the recent rumors these cameras slowly had some names. In this post we are going to cover the upcoming Sony NEX cameras expected to be announced in this Autumn. Four new NEXContinue Reading