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Sony A88 and A99II A-mount Cameras To Be Announced in 2014


Sony is rumored to announce two new A-mount cameras by the second half of this year. The new Sony A-mount DSLR cameras, both will be full frame and expected to be named as A88 and A99II. The rumor comes from anonymous sources, as if it’s true two more full frame A-mount Sony DSLRs on the way. SonyContinue Reading

Sony A88 First Mirrorless APS-C A-mount Camera to be Announced This Fall


Sony is rumored to release a successor for the SLT-A77 digital SLR camera, and the replacement of Sony A77 will be named as Sony A88. The new Sony A88 will be the first mirrorless APS-C A-Mount camera and won’t be a SLT line camera. The A88 release date is set for early 2014 and expected to be announced in CES 2014. According toContinue Reading