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Sony A77MII A-mount Camera Specs Leaked


The Sony A77 II will be officially announced tomorrow. First rumored specs list of the upcoming Sony A77MII camera has been leaked on the web. The camera name also seen a Sony site as the “ILCA-A77M2“. According to the specs list, Sony A77MII will feature a new 24-megapixel image sensor and sport a new and quick autofocus system. The A77MIIContinue Reading

New Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 Lens Coming with A77 Mark II Camera


Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 lens for A-mount cameras is rumored to have minor updates and to be announced along with the Sony A77II camera on May 1 or 2. The new updated Sony 16-50mm f/2.8 lens for A-mount is expected to feature improved image quality.  The lens is going to be announced along the A77II which will also replace the currentContinue Reading

Sony A77 Successor [A77II] Rumored To Be Announced on May 1


Sony A77II which is the name of the A77 successor is rumored to be announced on May 1 at the 2014 SWPA Exhibition. 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition will take place between dates May 1 and May 18. Sony A77 Mark II will be the next A-mount camera and according to latest rumors the A77II to be announced on MayContinue Reading

Sony A77 Mark II To Be Announced in May, 2014


Sony A77 Mark II will be the next A-mount camera and according to latest rumors the upcoming A77II to be announced in May. As we posted earlier two new Sony SLT A-mount cameras are rumored to be announced in 2014.  These cameras were told to be the replacement for the Sony A77 and A99. Sony A77II is the first rumored camera andContinue Reading

Sony A77 Mark II is The Name of The A77 Successor


Sony A77 replacement camera will be named as Sony A77 Mark II or A77II. Sony A77 Mark II will be the next A-mount camera and according to latest rumors official announcement will be in late Spring. Sony A77II which is the name of the A77 successor, will be the only APS-C A-mount DSLR camera from Sony to beContinue Reading

Sony A79 [A77II] Rumored Specs Feature 32MP Sensor and High Speed AF


Sony A77 will be replaced by the so called A79 camera. Latest rumors show that the upcoming Sony A79 camera will feature 32-megapixel CMOS Sensor. A reader on SAR shared some information for the rumored A79 camera. Sony A79 first set of specifications include 32MP Exmor CMOS sensor, high speed AF and probably 3-axis based hybridContinue Reading

Sony A79 Announcement in March Before the NAB 2014 Show


Sony A79 is the name of the A77 successor camera. According to latest rumors Sony A79 announcement expected in March just before the NAB 2014 show. Previously we also posted that the Sony A77 replacement camera is to be announced in Spring 2014. Latest rumors says that the announcement of the A79 is very close,Continue Reading

Sony A77 Successor Release Date is June and Price Will be Around €1,200


The Sony A77 successor camera reelase date is June 2014 and it will have price tag around 1200 Euro. Sony A77 is rumored to be announced in Spring 2014 and the name is not clear but it will possibly be called the Sony A79. Sony A79 (the A77 successor) camera will be the only APS-CContinue Reading

Sony A77 Successor Camera To Be Announced in Spring 2014


The Sony A77 successor camera is rumored to be announced in Spring 2014. According to trusted sources the new Sony APS-C A-mount camera (name is not clear if it will be A79) will be in stock and available in stores by June, 2014. The new APS-C A-mount camera will be the official replacement for theContinue Reading

Sony A6000 (NEX-7 Successor) and A79 To Be Announced in 3 Weeks


Sony A6000 and A79 cameras is rumored to be announced in 3 weeks period. Sony A7000 will be a mirrorless camera and replace the current NEX-7. Yes most likely the Sony A6000 is the NEX-7 successor camera. The new Sony A79 A-mount DSLR camera could be announced the same day with the A6000. The successor for theContinue Reading