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Sigma dp0 Quattro Camera Pricing and Availability Announced


Sigma USA has announced the pricing and availability of the Sigma dp0 Quattro large-sensor compact camera which features a fixed 14mm f/4 wide-angle lens. The dp0 Quattro incorporates a fixed 14mm f/4 lens, which is equivalent to a 21mm lens on a 35mm camera; and features four “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) glass elements, two Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glassContinue Reading

Sigma dp0 Quattro Camera with 14mm f/4 Lens Now Official


Sigma has announced a new dp0 Quattro camera which features a fixed 14mm f/4 wide-angle lens. The new Foveon Quattro image sensor consists of three sheets of pixels to record red, green and blue wavelengths separately. Its bottom two layers each contain 4.9MP to record color information, and the top layer captures 19.6MP of resolution/luminance information. Sigma dp0Continue Reading

Sigma dp1 Quattro Camera Now Available in US


Sigma has announced the US Availability of dp1 Quattro digital camera. The Sigma dp1 Quattro camera utilizes the same 29MP Foveon X3 image sensor and TRUE III processing engine as the dp2; however, it incorporates a 19mm f/2.8 lens, providing a 28mm focal-length equivalency in the 35mm format. The lens features a 7.9″ minimum focus distance andContinue Reading