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Samsung NXF1 Mirrorless Camera Name Registered in Asia


The Indonesian agency Postel registered the “Samsung NXF1” mirrorless camera. The registration approves the Wi-Fi capabilites of the upcoming Samsung NXF1. Few months ago Samsung has listed a new product on their support page and it was the Samsung NXF1. We have discussed the new “f” letter in the name. If it will be full frame or this F means something else. ThisContinue Reading

Samsung NXF1 Camera Listed Officially (Full Frame Mirrorless?)


Samsung has listed a new product on their support page. The new product name is Samsung NXF1 and it contains a new “f” letter in the name. This happens first time for the NX system and the upcoming Samsung NXF1 mirrorless camera will be a completely new camera. Now the question is “Could the “F”Continue Reading