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Samsung NX-R Mirrorless Camera Leaked Images


Samsung NX-R digital compact camera first images leaked on the web. The new Samsung NX-R mirrorless camera show its face as a smart design and interchangeable lenses like 16mm prime and 20-50mm. Samsung NX-R will feature built-in wi-fi and a hot shoe, which will allow photographers to attach external accessories. Although the new Samsung NX-R previously rumored asContinue Reading

Samsung NX-R Full Frame Mirrorless Camera to be released in 2014


Samsung is developing a NX Full Frame system camera and it will be the first camera that will be available in 2014. Also According to MR full frame mirrorless system cameras will be around from other manufacturers. Because Sony is rumored to launch a new NEX-9 with 24 MPX sensor along three new Zeiss primesContinue Reading