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Samsung NX Mini 2 Camera Specifications Leaked


First set of specifications of the upcoming Samsung NX Mini 2 mirrorless camera. According to the leaked specs the NX Mini 2 will feature a 20.5-megapixel image sensor and capable of recording 4K videos. There is no information about the exact announcement date but the upcomşing NX Mini specs can be seen below. Samsung NX Mini 2Continue Reading

Rumor : Samsung NX Camera and Lens Roadmap for 2015


First rumored notes for the Samsung NX camera and lens roadmap for 2015 has been leaked online. PhotoRumors received some information on Samsung’s plans for 2015. After the Samsung S 300mm f/2.8 ED OIS NX lens development officially announced there are three more NX lenses getting ready for 2015. See the three new lenses and expected cameras below.Continue Reading

Samsung S 300mm f/2.8 ED OIS NX Lens Development Confirmed


Samsung has announced the development of the NX 300mm f/2.8 S ED OIS lens for NX-mount mirrorless cameras. The new Samsung 300mm f/2.8 telephoto lens for NX cameras, with built in optical image stabilisation displayed at Photokina 2014 event. The Samsung NX 300mm f/2.8 S ED OIS lens has been on-display at Photokina show this year. The lens,Continue Reading

Samsung NX Mini Sample Images & Movies


Samsung has announced its new NX Mini SMART mirrorless camera with a 20MP 1″ CMOS sensor and three new lenses. Samsung NX Mini sample images and additional video coverage can be seen below. Samsung NX Mini SMART camera priced at $449 with the 9mm lens or $549 with the 9-27mm lens and external flash. See all the available pre-orders for the Samsung camera and theContinue Reading

Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera Announced, Price, Specs, Release Date


Samsung has announced its new NX Mini SMART mirrorless camera with a 20MP 1″ CMOS sensor and three new lenses. Samsung NX Mini Smart camera uses a smaller sensor and a new NX-M lens mount (with a 2.7x crop factor). The NX mini is the slimmest mirrorless camera on the market. The mirrorless camera launched with two lenses.Continue Reading

Samsung 10mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens Announced


Samsung has announced the ultra wide-angle 10mm f/3.5 fisheye lens for NX cameras. The new lens from Samsung will be released in the second part of 2013 for NX cameras. According to Samsung announcement the new 10mm f/3.5 lens is the slimmest and smallest fisheye lens on the market for NX System cameras. The new lens weighes 72g  and willContinue Reading