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Panasonic GX8 and FZ300 To Be Announced Soon


Panasonic is rumored to hold a major product launch event by the end of this week. The company is expected to unveil a couple of new products, including the rumored FZ300 superzoom and the GX8 mirrorless camera. According to latest Panasonic rumors, the upcoming Lumix GX8 mirrorless shooter with Micro Four Thirds sensor will certainly feature 4K video recording capabilities and design of the camera will be veryContinue Reading

Panasonic FZ300 Coming in September with 4/3 Sensor and 16X Optical Zoom


Panasonic FZ300 is the rumored bridge camera model appeared in a registration back in May, 2015. Now more details has been leaked on the web for the upcoming digital camera. According to Panasonic rumors, the company will release the FZ300 bridge camera in September. The FZ300 or the FZ1000 MKII said to feature Sony 4/3 sensor and aContinue Reading

Panasonic FZ300 Camera Rumored for July, 2015


Panasonic is rumored to hold a product launch event in July 2015. Panasonic announcement is expected to unveil a couple of new products, including the rumored FZ300 superzoom camera. According to the latest Panasonic rumors, the company might unveil the FZ300 bridge camera, 150mm f/2.8 telephoto prime lens and even the long-rumored GX8 with a less expectation. Panasonic already registered the LumixContinue Reading

Panasonic FZ300 Superzoom Camera Coming Soon


Panasonic has registered several new cameras at the on the Wi-Fi Alliance . The list includes the already rumored Lumix G7, Lumix GX8, and the superzoom bridge camera Lumix FZ300. This registration means that all these products will definitely come packed with built-in WiFi. On the other hand it is not clear if the upcoming Panasonic FZ300Continue Reading