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Olympus E-M5II is The Name of The E-M5 Successor Camera


Olympus E-M5II will be the name of the E-M5 successor camera. The Olympus OM-D E-M5II Micro Four Thirds camera expected to arrive in February, 2015 and rumored to feature a sensor shift mechanism allowing users to capture 40-megapixel photos. According to recent Olympus rumors, the next E-M5 will be called the E-M5II or E-M5 Mark II and willContinue Reading

More Olympus E-M5 Replacement Camera Rumors


More information surfaced on the web for the upcoming Olympus E-M5 successor Micro Four Thirds camera. According to rumor mill, the new Olympus camera will be called Olympus E-M5II (or E-M5 Mark II) and will deliver “higher resolution” image. The camera is said to have a 16-megapixel sensor that can shoot up to 40-megapixel by shifting the sensor (in up to 8 frames of single shots).Continue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Successor Camera To Feature PDAF


Olympus E-M5 successor mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor is rumored to feature PDAF just like the high-end OM-D E-M1 shooter. More rumors are coming for the upcoming Olympus E-M6 mirrorless camera (name not confirmed yet) which is already in talks of a possible replacement model for the OM-D E-M5 replacement. The Olympus E-M6 camera willContinue Reading

Olympus E-M6 Coming Soon


Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a highly popular Micro Four Thirds shooter has been discontinued. This is also the first signs of the upcoming Olympus E-M6 mirrorless camera. According to sources, Olympus E-M5 successor camera is rumored to be announced in the first week of February 2015. The name of the camera is not clear yet but we say goodbye to the good-old E-M5Continue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Successor To Be Announced First Week of February 2015


Olympus E-M5 successor mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor is rumored to be announced in the first week of February 2015. The E-M5 successor camera is previously said to be in the works and rumor mill already mentioned that it will be an “exciting” new OM-D shooter. The rumored Olympus OM-D camera has been confirmed as the E-M5 successorContinue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Successor Coming in September


The Olympus E-M5 successor micro four thirds camera to be announced in September this year. The upcoming MFT camera from Olympus OM-D series rumored to be coming along side the entry-level model Olympus E-M1. The E-M5 successor previously rumored as Olympus OM-D E-M6. The name is not clear yet but the replacement of E-M5 will featureContinue Reading

The Next Low-End Olympus OM-D Camera Specs


Olympus rumored to be announced a low-end OM-D camera this year. The new OM-D camera will be priced below the Olympus OM-D E-P5 model. The upcoming micro four thirds camera Olympus E-M1 first rumored specs has also been leaked. According to 43R there will be a low-end budget friendly Olympus OM-D camera too. The next lowContinue Reading

New Olympus OM-D Camera to be Announced in September


Olympus is rumored to announce a new OM-D camera this fall. New entry-level Olympus OM-D will be a new camera and will not replace the current E-M5 model. New entry-level OM-D camera will be cheaper and target the lower-end consumers.  The new Olympus OM-D camera to be announced in September.  The entry-level Olympus OM-D camera willContinue Reading

Olympus E-M6 to be Announced in September, 2013


The Olympus E-M6 micro four thirds camera to be announced in September this year. First rumors surfaced over the web that the next MFT camera will be the Olympus E-M6 in the OM-D series. The replacement of Olympus E-M5 release date is scheduled for late September 2013 and the next OM-D camera name rumored as OlympusContinue Reading