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Olympus E-M5 Micro Four Thirds Camera Listed as Discontinued


Olympus officially discontinued the OM-D E-M5 mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor. The highly popular Olympus E-M5 Micro Four Thirds shooter now listed as discontinued at several camera stores in US. Currently the Olympus OM-D line-up consists of the entry-level E-M10, the mid-level E-M5II, and the high-end E-M1 shooters. Olympus E-M5 Listed as Discontinued at Amazon The OM-D E-M5 isContinue Reading

Olympus E-M5II vs E-M5 vs E-M1 Specifications Comparison


Olympus E-M5 Mark II announced with 5-axis image stabilization, a 40-megapixel high-resolution shot mode, sophisticated, stunning HD video, integrated Wi-Fi and a variable-angle 3-inch touchscreen.  Olympus E-M5II vs E-M5 vs E-M1 specifications comparison table can be seen below. The Olympus E-M5II mirrorless camera boasts a 40MP high resolution shot mode, achieved by shifting the sensor in half-pixel steps and capturing eightContinue Reading

Olympus E-M5II Camera Name Officially Registered in Taiwan


Olympus officially registered the name of the upcoming E-M5II (E-M5 Mark II) mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor at Taiwan’s NCC (National Communications Commission) site. This registration also means that the previous rumors are correct about the name of the MFT camera. Olympus E-M5II will be the name of the E-M5 successor and rumored to feature a sensorContinue Reading

Olympus E-M5II is The Name of The E-M5 Successor Camera


Olympus E-M5II will be the name of the E-M5 successor camera. The Olympus OM-D E-M5II Micro Four Thirds camera expected to arrive in February, 2015 and rumored to feature a sensor shift mechanism allowing users to capture 40-megapixel photos. According to recent Olympus rumors, the next E-M5 will be called the E-M5II or E-M5 Mark II and willContinue Reading

More Olympus E-M5 Replacement Camera Rumors


More information surfaced on the web for the upcoming Olympus E-M5 successor Micro Four Thirds camera. According to rumor mill, the new Olympus camera will be called Olympus E-M5II (or E-M5 Mark II) and will deliver “higher resolution” image. The camera is said to have a 16-megapixel sensor that can shoot up to 40-megapixel by shifting the sensor (in up to 8 frames of single shots).Continue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Successor Camera To Feature PDAF


Olympus E-M5 successor mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor is rumored to feature PDAF just like the high-end OM-D E-M1 shooter. More rumors are coming for the upcoming Olympus E-M6 mirrorless camera (name not confirmed yet) which is already in talks of a possible replacement model for the OM-D E-M5 replacement. The Olympus E-M6 camera willContinue Reading

Olympus E-M6 Coming Soon


Olympus OM-D E-M5 is a highly popular Micro Four Thirds shooter has been discontinued. This is also the first signs of the upcoming Olympus E-M6 mirrorless camera. According to sources, Olympus E-M5 successor camera is rumored to be announced in the first week of February 2015. The name of the camera is not clear yet but we say goodbye to the good-old E-M5Continue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Successor To Be Announced First Week of February 2015


Olympus E-M5 successor mirrorless camera with Micro Four Thirds image sensor is rumored to be announced in the first week of February 2015. The E-M5 successor camera is previously said to be in the works and rumor mill already mentioned that it will be an “exciting” new OM-D shooter. The rumored Olympus OM-D camera has been confirmed as the E-M5 successorContinue Reading

Olympus Rumored to Announce ‘Exciting’ New OM-D Camera in January


Olympus is rumored to announce a new “Exciting” OM-D series mirrorless camera in January 2015. According to trusted sources on 4/3 rumors an “exciting” new OM-D camera with Micro Four Thirds images sensor is in the works for a January announcement. The upcoming camera is said to be very different and not just an evolution ofContinue Reading

Olympus E-M5 Replacement Camera Coming Soon


Olympus OM-D E-M5 successor camera is ready and to be announced soon. During an interview with DC.Watch, Olympus’ President of the Imaging Division Ogawa Haruo has revealed that the company has completed the development of the replacement for the OM-D E-M5. Olympus is already rumored to be working on a new E-M5 successor camera, which could be announced sometime in early 2015. ForContinue Reading