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Best Lenses for Nikon D610 DSLR Camera


Here are the best Nikon D610 lenses for the digital SLR camera with full-frame image sensor announced back in late, 2014. The lens models are categorized below as standard prime, standard zoom, wide-angle prime, wide-angle zoom, telephoto zoom and macro. You can find some recommendations according to DxOMark ratings and our selections listed as separate columns and tables. Now let’s take a closerContinue Reading

Nikon D500 vs D610 vs D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III Comparison


Here is a quick comparison of the Nikon D500 vs D610 vs D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III digital SLR cameras. Before we move to the table chart of Nikon D500 vs D610 vs D750 vs Canon 5D Mark III cameras, let’s first take a look at the current prices and explain why we choose these three full-frameContinue Reading

Nikon D750, D810, D800, D800E, D610, D600 Firmware Updates Coming on January 19


An upcoming Nikon press release scheduled for January 19th have been leaked online which refers to a new firmware updates program called “I AM Advancing”. “I AM Advancing” program will allow Nikon DSLR owners to download advanced firmware updates and add new functionality to their cameras for up to 3 years. The program is starting with support for six FX-format DSLR cameras (D750, D810, D800,Continue Reading

Nikon D750 vs D610 vs D810 Review and ISO Comparison


A quick review and ISO comparison test of Nikon D750 DSLR has been showed up online.  The Nikon D750 sits between the D610 and D810 in Nikons full frame FX line up. Matt Granger has posted a video review of Nikon’s newest full-frame camera, the D750 (see below). He also posted several ISO test images compared with the D610 andContinue Reading

Nikon D750 vs D610 Specifications Comparison


Nikon has announced the new D750, a 24.3-megapixel full-frame digital SLR camera. A quick specifications comparison table for the Nikon D750 vs D610 cameras can be seen below. To see the difference between Nikon D750 vs D610 digital SLR cameras we have put together D750 vs D610 specs comparison table below. The Nikon D750 features a newly designed 24.3 megapixel FX-format sensor, a 51-point AFContinue Reading

Nikon Released New Firmware Updates for D90, D7000, D7100, D600, D610 and D4s


Nikon has released new firmware updates for several Nikon DX and FX-format DSLR cameras. The new firmware updates for Nikon digital SLR camera now available for download through links at support pages. Nikon D4s firmware update version C:1.10 includes compatibility issues and several bug fxes. See below for what’s new in this firmware version. Nikon D90, D7000, D7100,Continue Reading

Nikon D810 vs D610 Specifications Comparison


Nikon has announced the latest mid-range Fx-format Nikon D810 digital SLR camera. Nikon D810 vs D610 specifications comparison table can be seen below. To see the difference between Nikon D810 vs D610 digital SLR cameras we have put together D810 vs D610 specs comparison table below.  The Nikon D810 features a brand new 36.3 megapixel sensor with no optical low pass filter, Expeed 4 image processing engine, 51-pointContinue Reading

Nikon D610 DSLR Camera Reviews Roundup


Nikon has announced the new Nikon D610 full frame DSLR camera back in October, 2013. First reviews are available for the new Nikon D610. We have covered some Nikon D610 reviews roundup below. First reviews show that Nikon solved the dust/oil spots issue with the new D610 camera. An in-depth review of the Nikon D610 DSLR with comparisons, sample images, high ISO tests and detailedContinue Reading

Adobe Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 Release Candidates


Adobe has announced the Lightroom 5.3 and Camera RAW 8.3 Release Candidate version updates. Adobe Lightroom 5.3 and Camera RAW 8.3 RC versions now available for download. The release candidates correct issues reported in Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.2, gives support for the following cameras and lenses. A “release candidate” label indicates that this update is well tested but wouldContinue Reading

Nikon Df vs. Nikon D610 Specs Comparison Table


Nikon has announced the new retro-styled Nikon Df Fx-format DSLR camera. Nikon Df is a DSLR camera that looks like the company’s iconic 35mm film cameras. To see the difference between Nikon Df and Nikon D610 cameras we have put together Nikon Df vs.Nikon D610 specs comparison table below. Nikon solved the oil issue from D600 and improved continuous shooting speed to 6fps on D610. See belowContinue Reading