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New Retro FX DSLR Camera Will Be Called Nikon DF


The new Nikon full frame retro-styled FX DSLR camera will be called Nikon DF. Rumors updated and according to NR, DF in the Nikon’s new camera name means “Digital Fusion“. Also the previous name leaked as Nikon D4H looks fake. In previous rumors Nikon call this camera as a “hybrid” camera. Hybrid shutter is combining electrical and mechanical technologies. NikonContinue Reading

Nikon DF Full Frame Retro FX DSLR Camera Specs


Nikon’s full frame retro-styled FX DSLR camera will be called Nikon DF. More Nikon DF full frame DSLR camera more specs surfaced over the web as we are getting closer to the announcement of the camera. According to recent rumors Nikon will release a D4-like camera and it will be called DF. Nikon call this cameraContinue Reading