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Canon 8K Camera Will Be on Display at NAB 2016 Event


Canon confirmed that they will be showing their working 8K camera and displays at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2016. Recently, the NAB Hub had a short interview with Tim Smith, the Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production at Canon. During the interview, he touched on a few things claiming that Canon will have aContinue Reading

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Announcement in Late April, 2016


More information about the upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV has been leaked online as the long-rumored DSLR camera to be announced in late April, 2016. According to the latest rumors, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will offer better features for videographers than the EOS 1D X Mark II. As previously rumored the upcoming Canon 5D camera will be ableContinue Reading

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera Rumored for a 5D Mark III Successor


Canon is rumored to announce the EOS 6D Mark II camera soon and the new DSLR model expected to replace the 5D Mark III. According to recent Canon Rumors, the upcoming 6D Mark II DSLR will serve as a 5D Mark III successor and the company will not launch a 5D Mark IV or the previously rumored 5D X DSLR models. OnContinue Reading

Canon 5D Mark IV Coming with 4K Video Before NAB 2016


Canon is rumored to launch the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera before the NAB 2016 show in Spring. More details has been leaked online. According to the latest Canon Rumors, there will be a Canon 5D camera which will be able to record 4K videos. The digital SLR camera is expected to be announced before the EOS-1D X Mark II begins shippingContinue Reading

Canon C500 Mark II Rumored to Record 8K Videos Coming at NAB Show 2016


Canon is rumored to announce a new EOS C500 Mark II camcorder at the NAB Show 2016 event. It is expected to be able to record videos at 8K resolution. Even 4K cameras are new in the market, manufacturers has started to develop cameras and camcorders including 6K or even 8K video recording capabilities. One of them is the Canon C500Continue Reading

Canon 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II to be Announced Before NAB 2016?


Canon is rumored to launch the EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera sometime in early 2016 before the NAB show in Spring. More details has been leaked online. According to the latest Canon Rumors, WPPI (wedding photographers) is a big target market for the EOS 5D Mark IV and the official announcement should be as early as March 2016. The rumor millContinue Reading