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JVC Announces the New Micro Four Thirds 4K Camcorder


JVC has announced the new GY-LS300 4KCAM Handheld S35mm Micro Four Thirds camcorder. The GY-LS300 is part of JVC’s 4KCAM line of cameras, which can record 4:2:2 HD Signals at up to 60P at 50 Mb/s. JVC’s GY-LS300 handheld 4K camcorder includes specs like super-35mm-sized, CMOS, 4K sensor and MFT interchangeable lens mount. The 4K camcorder supports dualContinue Reading

JVC Kenwood joins Micro Four Thirds System, New 4K MFT Camera Coming Soon


JVC Kenwood officially joined the Micro Four Thirds system standard. They also promised to introduce a new 4K camera with MFT mount at the NAB Show 2014. JVC stated the new 4k camera prototype with these lines “exciting new line of advanced new Micro Four Thirds products” soon. There are no image or specs revealed yetContinue Reading