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Fujifilm X100F camera to be announced in 2017

Fujifilm is claimed to be announced a new X100T successor camera in early 2017. It is rumored to be named as Fujifilm X100F. Fuji will add a new member to the popular X100 series soon. A lot of peopled speculated that the Japanese company will launch a successor at Photokina 2016. It looks like there is a not much chance for this.Continue Reading

Fujifilm X200 camera coming with the same 23mm lens

Fujifilm is rumored to announce the X100T successor camera, as the X200 lens will have the same focal length of 23mm. Several rumors for the Fujfilm X200 have been circulated on the web before. The premium compact camera has been mentioned to replace the X100S back in 2014. But X shooters met the X100S successor with X100T at the PhotokinaContinue Reading

Fujifilm X200 Camera Rumored for Photokina 2016, Specs Leaked

Fujifilm is rumored to announce the X200 camera in the second half of 2016. First specs of the X-series compact model has been leaked online. According to latest Fuji rumors, the upcoming digital compact model will employ a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor. It looks like the same sensor found in the X-Pro2 mirrorless shooter. Back in 2014, Fujifilm X200 has been mentioned within the rumorContinue Reading

Fujifilm X100T Successor Coming with New Fixed Lens

Fujifilm X100T successor camera, which will probably called the X200 is rumored to feature a brand new fixed lens According to latest Fuji rumors, the replacement of the Fujifilm X100T will be coming with a newly developed lens. Fujifilm X100T features a 23mm f/2 lens that offered a 35mm focal length equivalent of 35mm. TheContinue Reading

Fujifilm X-PRO2 and X200 Cameras Coming at Photokina in September

Fuji is rumored to announce the new X-PRO2 and X200 cameras at Photokina Show in September. After being rumored to feature a full frame sensor for a long time, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera will come packed with the newly developed X-Trans APS-C sensor. Both cameras will feature the new APS-C X-Trans sensor. Fujifilm X-Pro2 will replace the X-Mount X-Pro1 while the X200 will be theContinue Reading

Fujifilm X200 Specs To Feature 24MP Sensor and Improved AF

More rumors surfaced again for the Fujifilm X200 camera. According to latest rumors from new sources Fujifilm X200 camera will feature a newly developed 24MP X-Trans sensor and faster, improved AF over the X100S model. These informations posted by FujiRumors and the specs list comes from an anonymous source so take it as grain of salt. FujiContinue Reading

Fujifilm X-PRO1s Coming in the First Half of 2014?

Fujifilm is rumored to replace the current X-PRO1 camera with a “S” update. The successor of the Fuji X-PRO1 could be called X-PRO1S and the new camera could have an APS-C sized sensor. If rumors are true than we may see  “just” an “S” update for the X-PRO1 and the Fujifilm X-PRO1s should be coming inContinue Reading

Fujifilm X200 Full Frame Camera To Be Announced in 2014

Fujifilm is rumored to announce a new camera with full frame sensor on it. According to the recent rumors on very reliable xjrumo site, Fuji will announce a compact full frame camera called Fujifilm X200 within 2014. The first specs shows that Fuji X200 will have on sensor stabilization and faster AF than the Sony RX1. There is not muchContinue Reading