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Lee Announces 15-stop Super Stopper ND Filter


Lee Filters has announced a new neutral density filter called the Super Stopper. It reduces the amount of light entering the lens by a massive 15 stops, to enable especially long shutter speeds in normal daylight conditions. The new Super Stopper is available for the 100mm, SW150 and Sev5n ranges and reduces light to your camera byContinue Reading

Aurora Aperture Introduces PowerXND 2000 Variable ND Filter


Aurora Aperture today introduced the PowerXND 2000 variable ND filter family. The PowerXND 2000 offers eleven stops of light reduction capacity which previously has been only available in fixed neutral density filters. “ND filters are popular among landscape photographers and videographers for reducing amount of light,” said Jinfu Chen, founder and CEO of Aurora ApertureContinue Reading

Sigma Announce Pricing for Water Repellent Ceramic Protector


Sigma has announced availability and pricing information for the Sigma Water Repellent Ceramic Protector filter. The Sigma Water Repellent Ceramic Protector filter is offered in the most popular filter thread sizes, and is compatible with all lenses that accept front filter threads that are 67mm-105mm diameters. With many applications in aerospace and other industries, glass ceramicContinue Reading

Sigma Announces Protective Lens Made of Clear Glass Ceramic


Sigma has announced the new Sigma Water Repellent (WR) Ceramic Protector, a lens filter that features new Clear Glass Ceramic material and provides enhanced protective qualities. This is the first filter to use such a material in its construction. It promises both lighter weight and higher strength than normal protective filters with minimal effects on transmittanceContinue Reading

Hoya Introduce Antistatic Fusion Filters


Hoya has anounced the new Fusion Antistatic filters feature a new antistatic coating that acts like a force field around the filter to repel dust. Perfect for environments where dust is common, these new Fusion Filters require less frequent cleaning and maintenance than traditional filters. Additionally, the hardened, antistatic top-layer is water repellent, stain and scratchContinue Reading

Lee Filters Announced Filter System for the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L Lens


Lee Filters announced new SW150 Mark II filter system for the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L lens. With the new SW150 Mark II filter system adaptor ring Canon users will benefit from their filters on the EF 11-24mm f/4L wide-angle zoom lens. The EF 11-24mm f/4L ultra wide-angle zoom lens.features one Super UD element and one UD element offer a significant reduction in chromatic aberrations whileContinue Reading

PolarPro Announces New Action Cam Accessories


PolarPro will launch its newest POV action cam accessories at the 2015 NAB Show. The product line-up will include new hand-held and hands-free POV action cam mounts, battery-integrated carrying cases and lens filters specially designed for use with drones and quadcopters. Attendees of the upcoming 2015 NAB Show can visit PolarPro in booth #C12362 toContinue Reading

Novo Photographic Filters Using Sapphire Crystal and Gorilla Glass


Novo is offering a completely new range of photographic filters including what they call the World’s first filter to use Sapphire Crystal glass. The Sapphire UV filter (pictured) boasts a 2.39mm thick brass frame with laser engraved text, and is made with Sapphire Crystal glass offering 99.9% transmittance and 99.95% UV blockage. The Endura lineContinue Reading

Tiffen Announce 2015 CES Product Lineup


The Tiffen Company has announced its new product lineup for the 2015 International CES exhibition. Tiffen’s brand new XLE Series filters help colour correct images captured during long, extreme exposure shooting, producing a smooth, softening effect on objects and matter in motion. Steadicam CURVE’s compact form factor gives GoPro users the freedom to shoot shake-freeContinue Reading

Tiffen XLE Filters Now Available in the US


Tiffen’s new XLE filters are now available in the United States. These long-exposure filters allow stills photographers to capture extreme long exposure images without incurring the red colour cast that occurs when photographers use high-density ND filters to shoot long exposures during daylight hours. Many camera sensors are sensitive to infrared wavelengths when they areContinue Reading