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Canon G17, S130, New EF-M Lenses Coming for PhotoPlus 2015


Canon is rumored to announce several new products for the coming PhotoPlus EXPO in October, 2015. According to latest Canon rumors, the Canon G16 and Canon S120 replacement model cameras are on the horizon as well as new EF-M lenses are expected. The new Canon products for PhotoPlus EXPO 2015 may include the PowerShot G17, S130, EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 ISContinue Reading

Canon G17 Camera Rumored To Be Announced in October, 2015


Canon G17 digital premium compact camera is rumored to be announced in October, 2015 along with the Canon S120 successor. According to latest Canon rumors, the Canon G16 and Canon S120 replacement model cameras are on the horizon and they are slated to be replaced soon. Canon will replace the G16 with the PowerShot G17 a large sensor compact camera with 1-inchContinue Reading

Canon PowerShot G17 Announcement Rumored For Late June


Canon PowerShot G17 announcement is rumored for the next few months, most likely by the end of June 2015. According to latest Canon rumors, the premium compact camera is expected to feature a 1-inch-type image sensor and a 7x optical zoom lens that will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 24-168mm. Canon will replace the G16 withContinue Reading

Canon PowerShot G17 Coming This Summer with New 1″ Sensor


Canon is once again rumored to be on the verge of announcing a large sensor compact camera with 1-inch sensor called the PowerShot G17. The exact announcement date of the Canon PowerShot G17 is currently unknown but according to latest Canon rumors, the premium compact camera is rumored to be announced before July this Summer. With large 1-inch typeContinue Reading

Canon G17 Coming at CES 2015 with New 1 inch Sensor


Canon’s long rumored high-end compact model, the PowerShot G17 is expected to arrive at CES 2015 show with 1 inch sensor. Canon has already confirmed that a large-sensor superzoom compact camera is on the way by posting a teaser video in late 2014. The video presents the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II and the new PowerShot G7 X, and a “bigContinue Reading

Canon PowerShot G17 Specifications Leaked


More details are now available for the upcoming PowerShot G17 digital compact camera. The Canon PowerShot G17 specifications leaked as the high-end digital camera to be announced in late Spring, around May. According to the PowerShot G17 detailed specs list, the rumored camera looks like a real high-end shooter as it could stand above the currently announced PowerShot G1 X II.Continue Reading

Canon 7D Mark II, PowerShot SX60 HS and G17 To Be Announced in May


Canon is rumored to make some significant camera announcements in May. Canon announcement is expected to include several PowerShot digital compact cameras as well as a DSLR camera. Two new Canon lenses are in the announcement list too. Details as follows. A Canon EOS 7D successor camera is in the talks for May announcement. So weContinue Reading

Canon PowerShot G17 Coming in May with New 1″ Sensor


Canon is rumored to announce the high-end PowerShot G17 digital compact camera sometime in late Spring, around May. The new Canon PowerShot G17 camera could feature a new 1-inch sensor. Canon announced the Powershot G16 back in August, 2013. See (Specs, Sample Images). This will be a fast replacement for the Powershot G16 digital compact camera which isContinue Reading